Big Spring Vietnam Memorial

The Symbolism of the Moving Wall

Vietnam War Memorial in Big Spring, Texas, with American, Texan, and POW/MIA flags flying behind.

The Big Spring Vietnam Memorial is stands at the edge of Howard Colleges Southwest Collegiate Institute of the Deaf overlooking Big Spring McMahon-Wrinkle Airport, formerly Webb Air Force Base.

The Moving Wall carries a profound symbolism for the Memorial, bridging past and present in its tribute to the heroes of the Vietnam War. This replica of the renowned Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C., serves as a tangible reminder of the sacrifices made during one of the most challenging periods in American history.

The presence of the Moving Wall is especially meaningful in Big Spring, given the town's historical connection to Webb Air Force Base. Webb Air Force Base played a crucial role during the Vietnam War era as a key training facility for aircrew and pilots. This connection adds a deeper layer of significance to the memorial, as it stands not far from where many airmen trained before serving in Vietnam.

See more of Lt. Col Vaughan Martin a Big Spring resident who served in the USAF during Vietnam.

Each name inscribed on the Wall represents a narrative of bravery and sacrifice, echoing the stories of thousands of soldiers who passed through Webb Air Force Base. For visitors, the Wall is more than a monument; it's a place of reflection, remembrance, and education. It offers a space to contemplate the past's complexities, the depth of human courage, and the enduring impact of the Vietnam War on families and communities.

Community Involvement and Annual “Run for the Wall”

Display cases with veterans' memorabilia at the Big Spring Vietnam Memorial, framed by American f

The Big Spring Vietnam Memorial is not just a landmark; it's a living part of the community, brought to life by the people who honor its significance. Central to this community spirit is the annual biker event, a powerful demonstration of respect and remembrance.

Each year, approximately 400 motorcyclists make a stop at the Big Spring Vietnam Memorial Wall as part of the "Run for the Wall" initiative. This event, as reported in the Big Spring Herald, serves as a moving tribute to military MIAs and POWs.

The event includes a wreath-laying ceremony, where the Young Marines and community members gather in a solemn show of solidarity and remembrance.

Participants in the "Run for the Wall" journey from Ontario, California, to Washington D.C., increasing their numbers along the way. The stop in Big Spring is a significant and heartfelt part of their journey, symbolizing the community's deep connection to and respect for veterans of the Vietnam War.

This annual event goes beyond mere remembrance; it strengthens the bonds between past and present, uniting people from different walks of life in a shared purpose. It's a vivid reminder of the sacrifices made during the Vietnam War and a testament to the enduring spirit of honor and gratitude that thrives in Big Spring.

Vietnam-era helicopter on display , symbolizing air support during the Vietnam War.
Interior view of Big Spring Vietnam Memorial pavilion showcasing display cases with photographs and
Vietnam Memorial obelisk with service branch emblems at Big Spring, honoring fallen soldiers.