Heritage Museum

Heritage Museum
510 Scurry Street

The Heritage Museum of Big Spring was incorporated as a non-profit organization in 1970. We have operated from our same location at 510 Scurry for thirty-eight years.

To collect and preserve items of cultural and historical significance to Big Spring and West Texas, and to use those items for the research and education of the area's citizens.

The museum has 300 members from which comes the twenty-two member board of trustees. The trustees meet quarterly in the year. Monthly meetings of the Executive committee oversee spending and operations.

There are two full time positions, director and curator. Part Time positions innclude: gift shop/front desk manager, Potton House interpreter, senior exhibit tech, junior exhibit tech, and collections assistant.

Physical Structure:
The Heritage Museum has 13,000 square feet of space dedicated to exhibits, storage, research area, and dock. The grounds of the museum feature the Gerald-Marie Wallace Pavilion and an outdoor patio for events. The Potton House is a historical house listed on the National Register of Historic Places is maintained and staffed by the Heritage Museum. It is five blocks to the north of the museum.

Income is provided by an endowment fund that is invested in safe certificates of deposit, memberships, memorial donations, foundation funding, gift shop sales, and fundraisers.

Gift Shop:
Our gift shop features local artists and authors. We also have a line of regional books and cookbooks. The Children's section has items that our hard to find. We are planning on expanding our gift shop to have registries. Last year we had book signings for Marj Carpenter and Tumbleweed Smith.

Legends and Legacies, Settles Ornament

New and Revamped Permanent Exhibit Areas:
Alon Usa
Dolls and Children's area
Western area with theater
Settles area
Adrian Randal Exhibit
Medical Exhibit
T & P Railroad Exhibit
Patricia McCormick Exhibit

Please visit the Heritage Museum Website for more information. 

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